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Tim Williams

I am a “Full-Stack” Web Developer, an AngularJS advocate, a PHP proponent and a MySQL maestro. The areas of expertise I take most pride in are my JavaScript powered applications. I’m a huge fan of the progression of web technology pushing the power into the clients hand. I strive to write clean elegant code, and hope you can benefit from my effort, maybe from my mistakes as well. 🙂

My core philosophy about development is; constantly be learning. Web technology is evolving at a breakneck speed and there is no end to open source libraries to continually learn. Every day I learn new concepts, new patterns, more efficient ways to do things. The learning cycle never ends, and I love it.

My Spare Time

In my spare time you can find me learning a new Bach movement on my Cello, nose buried in my Kindle reading the latest hard sci-fi novel from Alastair Reynold or Peter F. Hamilton, kayaking the Folsom river, or watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’m a total tech geek always looking out for the next cool gadget (iWatch here we come!)


Drop me a line at t.james.williams@gmail.com