Nightly Backup MySQL data to Amazon S3

Running within the Amazon Web Services ecosystem has some pretty awesome perks for system admins and developers alike. Since I run a lot of different systems on EC2 instances I have found it very useful to have the databases backed up on an automated schedule. Using AWS’ CLI tool it is very simple and straightforward […] Read More

Protecting Apache with fail2ban and mod_security

Since I run a lot of custom servers I have found the open source tool fail2ban to be quite useful! Fail2ban is an open source log based IP bouncer. Essentially it reads specific logs that you configure and adds abusive requests to IPTables to be dropped. It should be available on most linux systems via […] Read More

Angular 2 with Socket.IO Beer Tasting Party Study Application (Part 3)

Preparing our Angular 2 Environment We’re going to start off by setting up the environment as suggested in the Angular 2 Typescript Quickstart guide. We’re going to diverge a little bit and not use the ‘lite-server’ so that we can use gulp to watch and reset our server connection as needed. First we’ll start with […] Read More

Angular 2 with Socket.IO Beer Tasting Party Study Application (Part 2)

Seeding our project If you are following along install the seed as the directions under ‘How to Start.’ I named my project ‘’ because I will be hosting it from a Raspberry Pi for the beer tasting party (using special routing rules on my home DD-WRT.) Don’t worry, when the project is done, I will […] Read More

Angular 2 with Socket.IO Beer Tasting Party Study Application (Part 1)

In this multi part blog series I will be building an Angular 2 application with Node using as a realtime communication facilitator. My learning process has always been such that, I must use a technology for some practical purpose to have a good working knowledge base from which to pull if I plan to […] Read More

Simple MySQL Linux CRON monitor

Sometimes it becomes necessary to put a simple monitoring service in place for MySQL databases that crash occasionally due to a slim system configuration or other hard to control factors. This script and CRON job can monitor your database for just such an occurrence. First SSH into your server instance. Create a new Bash script: […] Read More

Setting up Apache Vhosts on AWS Linux

If you plan to host multiple sites on a single AWS instance and you are using Apache, this is the guide for you! 1) Navigate to your instance’s Apache configuration directory: [ec2-user@ip-999-99-99-99 ~]$ cd /etc/httpd/conf.d 2) Create a vhosts config file: [ec2-user@ip-999-99-99-99 ~]$ sudo nano vhosts.conf 3) Supply some <VirtualHost> directives to point to the […] Read More

The Next Hot Web Tool Brought to You by … Microsoft?

The next hot web tool is about to explode and quite surprisingly to many of us it was created by Microsoft! TypeScript is best described as a JavaScript ‘dialect’ (credit to Anders Hejlsberg) for coining that terminology. TypeScript isn’t the first of its kind. before TypeScript came CoffeeScript, Dart, Scala.js, ClojureScript and more than 250 […] Read More

Up and Running Fast With LAMP On AWS EC2

This tutorial covers setting up a LAMP stack on a free-tier EC2 instance. Setting up and managing an Amazon Web Services EC2 server can be a pretty intimidating task the first time around since the process is so much different than other hosting services with little to no options for server configuration (here’s lookin’ at […] Read More

NodeJS Efficient Multithread Process Management

One of NodeJS’s major platform caveats is the fact that it runs on a single thread. Furthermore this thread can only consume approximately 1.5gb of RAM (a V8 feature). This means that if your server has more than 1 CPU core or more than 1.5gb of RAM you may be using less than 50% of […] Read More