React vs. Vue vs. Angular Showdown cover image

December 3, 2020

React vs. Vue vs. Angular Showdown

In the JavaScript world you find developers have pretty strong opinions on which front end framework in the best. I haven't seen many developers pit them head to head and do unbiased analyses on them. This article attempts to do just that. The first...


JavaScript Gets Classy! cover image

April 11, 2015

JavaScript Gets Classy!

If you are a Web Development professional, and you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that some pretty excited stuff is coming our way with ECMAScript 6. One of the most exciting additions is classes. This will eliminate the need to use...


Tips for Better Web Development Productivity cover image

April 9, 2015

Tips for Better Web Development Productivity

Bug lists, feature requests, client calls, meetings, cat videos on Facebook; there are many distractions vying for our attention as Web Developers. With new technologies and frameworks constantly springing up needing to be assimilated into your tool...


Understanding The Modern Web Solution Stack cover image

March 28, 2015

Understanding The Modern Web Solution Stack

A web solution stack is a group of technologies that when combined, create the backbone for a modern web application. Understanding the stack as a whole and how to use each technology best is very important for a ‘full-stack’ web developer. With the...


December 17, 2020

React vs. Vue vs. Angular Showdown Part 2 Vue

Now we move on to Vue. Since we already defined the specifications, and we thought through most of the business logic in the React tutorial, we'll be diving right in to re-implementation. Vue's...


December 3, 2020

React vs. Vue vs. Angular Showdown Part 1 React

Angular, Vue and React all have command line tools and this is what we should expect from any modern web tool. React creates a folder with a templated package.json and installs React as well as...


March 26, 2017

Protecting Apache with fail2ban and mod_security

Since I run a lot of custom servers I have found the open source tool fail2ban to be quite useful! Fail2ban is an open source log based IP bouncer. Essentially it reads specific logs that you...


June 24, 2016

Simple MySQL Linux CRON monitor

Sometimes it becomes necessary to put a simple monitoring service in place for MySQL databases that crash occasionally due to a slim system configuration or other hard to control factors. This script...


June 11, 2016

Setting up Apache Vhosts on AWS Linux

If you plan to host multiple sites on a single AWS instance and you are using Apache, this is the guide for you! 1) Navigate to your instance’s Apache configuration directory: 2) Create a...


June 7, 2016

The Next Hot Web Tool Brought to You by … Microsoft?

The next hot web tool is about to explode and quite surprisingly to many of us it was created by Microsoft! TypeScript is best described as a JavaScript ‘dialect’ (credit to Anders Hejlsberg) for...